Dealing with a meetup organisers worst nightmare

On Thursday 4th February we held our 17th SydCSS. It was going to be an easy event for us. Speakers were lined up, the venue was booked, we had people at the venue prepped ready to set up the space as we needed it. We even had a little extra sparkle lined up in the […]

16 rules to help your meetup run more smoothly

When you go to a meet up you probably think that the organisers book a room, ask a few people to come and off you go, super easy. Well it’s not, and I’m glad it isn’t because I take great joy in the logistics of running a meetup. With SydCSS people sometimes hear me say […]

Calm above the water, and paddling like hell underneath

This week I took another step in overcoming my greatest fear, by presenting at the Respond 2014 conference in Sydney. It was only 15 minutes, but those 15 minutes have taken decades to prepare for. There are two moments in my life where I remember, with vivid clarity, not being able to speak in public. […]

Getting over my massive fear of public speaking

Getting over my massive fear of public speaking took another step this week. With a presentation about making an app with PhoneGap. The theme running through the presentation is that building an app was a new years resolution. The begining of the presentation is missing a question by me to the audience asking whether anyone […]