List of swiping / scrolling libraries for iPad and iPhone

This is a list of all the swiping / scrolling libraries that will work well on iPhone and iPad. I’ve note used all of them, but this list should save you some time trying to track down this kind of thing. If you have opinions on any of the libraries listed, then please comment so […]

Getting over my massive fear of public speaking

Getting over my massive fear of public speaking took another step this week. With a presentation about making an app with PhoneGap. The theme running through the presentation is that building an app was a new years resolution. The begining of the presentation is missing a question by me to the audience asking whether anyone […]

CSS that can affect performance on iPad web apps or PhoneGap

There can be many performance challenges when developing for the iPad, you’ll immediately start running to the JavaScript to start tweaking it’s performance. But before you go there, consider the following things that are fairly standard when doing desktop CSS: image replacement What is it: In desktop CSS it’s pretty standard to text indent an […]

iPad and iPhone app success stories and sales numbers

I love reading about apps that people have worked hard on and found great success. This posts contains some of those inspiring stories: Draw Something Trainyard Paperless Flight Control  

Tips for preparing a PhoneGap app for release on ios

When I built my first app there’s a couple of things I wish I’d known, to save me a few hours. Removing the gloss from the home screen icon In the “Supporting Files” folder there’s a file called [YOUR APP NAME]-info.plist click this file to edit. It will have lots of settings, like “icon file” […]

Making my first app for iPad

In 2011 my new years resolution was to build a game and put it into the app store. By January 2012 I still hadn’t finished it. It wasn’t through lack of trying, I just bit off more than I could chew; using a Mac for the first time, learning a new programming language (lua) and […]

Articles I really must read when I get to work

Quick post with a series of URLs I’m keen to look at in more detail. I tend to skim things when I come across them, but the following pages deserve a closer look and a demo or 2. Creating awesome CSS3 animations – Thomas Fuchs At the moment, my work is all about how to […]

Playing with SVG via Raphael

A few weeks ago I spent some time looking into animating content on the web using Raphael (this eventually formed the basis of some challenges for the team I’m in at work). The demos are pretty basic: Hand Draw This small script takes a SVG path, and chops it up into an array, then […]

Return of the Sheep Game

Return of the Sheep Game? Maybe… as it approaches it’s 10th birthday what am I going to do? The bulk of the code for the Sheep Game has been untouched since 2001, when I updated from Flash 4 to Flash 5. I’ve had a couple of attempts at rebuilding the game, but never quite managed […]

First post

This is the first toe in the water… whilst I short my bits and bobs out you may want to nip over to: where there are lots of great tips on guidelines on web development. In getting myself up and running I’ve chosen to use the rather lovely jQ theme by devolux.