Articles I really must read when I get to work

Quick post with a series of URLs I’m keen to look at in more detail. I tend to skim things when I come across them, but the following pages deserve a closer look and a demo or 2.

Creating awesome CSS3 animations Thomas Fuchs

At the moment, my work is all about how to start producing Flash style animation without Flash. This looks like it should give me a few insights into achieving this with CSS.

Processing demos at Monocubed

On the path to figuring out this animation puzzle I’ve also been playing around with ProcessingJS. Monocubed has heaps of great demos, most of which are really easy to replicate

How to Centre and Layout Pages Without a Wrapper

As soon as I read¬† the first paragraph I’d ripped off the idea and starting playing with code. But I really should read through this article entirely

HTML5 Doctor

Just sit down and devour this site I think…

CSS Gradients

Turns out that ye olde IE6+ has some gradient tricks up it’s sleeve… not quite (!) as flexible as the modern browsers, but still work reviewing this to see what can be squeezed out of the old dog.