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Baby Kick Counter

This weekend I made a Baby Kick Counter for Dav. After watching her struggle with a combination of Notes and the stop watch on her phone, I cracked out the HTML, JavaScript and CSS to whip up a basic kick counter. I really should have made this little app a long time ago (Beanie is due in less than a month).

What’s a baby kick counter?

When you have a baby on the way you want to monitor that it’s development is on track, one way to do this is to count how many kicks (or hiccups, or booty pops) your baby does in an hour, the aim is to have 10 kicks over 1 hour.

Try it out

Whilst there are quite a few of these on the App Store, it was a fun little project to put together, delivering just enough functionality to count 10 kicks in an hour.

The CSS and JavaScript isn’t the prettiest in the world, it’s just enough to do the job.

The Baby Kick Counter is designed to be installed as a web app onto an iPhone running the latest version of iOS.


Install the Baby Kick Counter for free

Grab it from here: