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List of swiping / scrolling libraries for iPad and iPhone

This is a list of all the swiping / scrolling libraries that will work well on iPhone and iPad.

I’ve note used all of them, but this list should save you some time trying to track down this kind of thing.

If you have opinions on any of the libraries listed, then please comment so we can all know 🙂


A Zepto plugin that allows you to make any element touchable; useful for flicking between sections, or sliding elements around the page.


Native scrolling for mobile web apps… or at least the closest thing to it! Scrollability is a single script, it’s small, and it has no external dependencies. Drop it into your page, add a few CSS classes to scrollable elements, and scroll away.


SwipeView is the super simple solution to endless seamlessly loopable carousels for the mobile browser.

Note: I’ve included SwipeView over the more famous iScroll, as I’ve used this in quite a few professional projects and had more success with it.

Zynga Scroller

A pure logic component for scrolling/zooming. It is independent of any specific kind of rendering or event system.