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The annual attempt to learn 3D modelling

It’s becoming a bit of an annual ritual for me to attempt to get to grips with 3D modelling in Blender.

With this years attempt I’m using CGCookie, following their introduction to Blender path. I’m enjoying the course immensely, and I think the approach to going through the basics is helping things stick in my mind. With previous attempts I’ve jumped straight to tutorials that have a specific project in mind (e.g. a toy elephant). Whilst it was nice to create something that looked impressive it left me with gaps in my basic knowledge, and I struggle to apply what I’d learned to anything else.

Applying what I’ve learned

With this years attempt I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned into an animation based on those dubious kids education videos, roping in my daughter and my partner to help me with the audio. See the video below.

Some notes about this video

Bixer is the word my daughter uses when she means “fix it”. When recording the audio she randomly said “it’s bixer time” so that’s now the name of the YouTube channel.

The egg guessing game is something my daughter plays on a regular basis with a physical set of toy eggs.

Now I’m off  to learn about rigging…