Tips for preparing a PhoneGap app for release on ios

When I built my first app there’s a couple of things I wish I’d known, to save me a few hours.

Removing the gloss from the home screen icon

In the “Supporting Files” folder there’s a file called [YOUR APP NAME]-info.plist click this file to edit.

It will have lots of settings, like “icon file” and “bundle name”, you want to add to these settings, so hover over an existing setting and a + symbol will appear.

Click the plus symbol and start typing Icon already includes gloss effects if you’re doing this right then it will auto complete for you, in the value column set it to YES

Remove the spinner from the loading screen

In the “supporting files” folder there’s a file called PhoneGap.plist click this to edit.

You’ll see a list of settings, 5th down (or there abouts) you’ll see “ShowSplashScreenSpinner” set this to NO

Don’t feel stupid when preparing the file for release – there’s a lot of steps

There are a lot of steps to go through and you’re going to become paranoid that your app will be rejected because you didn’t tick the right box at the right time. Don’t worry, this guide helped me greatly: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver … p-pt7.html

When you’ve prepped your distribution release you won’t be able to debug it like you did when developing

When you’re developing, you probably use “run” a lot with an iPad plugged into your Mac, when you’ve followed the steps for preparing your distribution copy you’ll probably find that “Run” no longer works. Don’t worry, just continue following the steps to prepare the binary for distribution and you’ll be able to run it on your iPad by installing it through iTunes or the Organizer in Xcode.