Confidently removing CSS selectors with Google Analytics

As time goes by CSS builds up as we add features, but more often than not we don’t remove the CSS that’s no longer needed. The reason we leave things lying around could be: Cleaning up old CSS is not seen as important as adding new features. We are never 100% confident that the CSS […]

16 rules to help your meetup run more smoothly

When you go to a meet up you probably think that the organisers book a room, ask a few people to come and off you go, super easy. Well it’s not, and I’m glad it isn’t because I take great joy in the logistics of running a meetup. With SydCSS people sometimes hear me say […]

Game built with CSS and no JavaScript

Based on the previous carousel code I wrote, I had an idea on how a form could be used to drive the classic game of “Pick up Sticks”, so I spent a few hours seeing if it could be done:

Animating a SVG image for the first time

Last week I made the smallest website I’ve ever developed. Draw Inspiration is a single page website that allows users to print a random phrase for them draw. Phrases such as “icy pear”, “jealous butter” and “creepy popcorn”. In making this website, part of the challenge was to keep it free of JavaScript but still […]

CSS Keyframe animation example

An experiment using CSS keyframes, -webkit-mask and a little bit of easing on the keyframes. The browser you’re using may affect what you see. For example, Firefox doesn’t support the masking effect that’s used. Take a look at how it’s built for your self.

Setting up a CRM with a baby, a puppy and 48 hours

I enjoy being a front-end developer, it exposes me to lots of other roles and gives me the chance to see what other people do from day to day. Eventually those roles start to rub off a bit and sometimes, given the right opportunity, I get to break away from being a front-end developer completely. […]

What makes good front-end code?

Recently I started teaching the Front-end Web Development course at General Assembly. It’s the first time I’ve turned my hand to teaching, and it’s hugely challenging and great fun. Even though I’ve been making websites for 17 years, the students often ask me things that I’ve never thought about, or things which I take for […]

The non-breaking space is your friend

Do you remember the non-breaking space? They’ve been trying to help you out, but you’ve been ignoring them. You owe them an apology. I’m guilty of this just as much as you, and I’ll show you why. This is my sentence that goes over three lines this is the final word. How much does it […]